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The firstline supervisor is a very important influencer of safe behavior. Brain Based Safety has defined 7 competencies for the supervisor in managing safety. These competences are described in the book “The first line supervisor and safe work behavior”.

The 7 competencies have been translated into a 360 ° feedback tool. This tool compares a self-score with the views of the boss, close colleagues and employees of the own team. The results can be used as a starting point for a leadership training.

How does the survey work?

Firstly, a database of respondents is created.

For each leader, it is recorded who completes the questionnaire for that leader.

Most people fill out one questionnaire.

Managers who lead multiple leaders, of course, fill out a separate questionnaire for each leader.


All respondents receive an invitation containing a specific link.

This link can be opened on a phone or a PC.

They are then directed to a digital questionnaire.

Respondents first read the instructions and then see the questions.

For each theme, they must choose by moving a slider on the screen.

Answering the questions is intuitive and takes no more than 10 minutes.

The session is ended by saving.


After a certain (pre-arranged) period, the data is processed into a report and provided with commentary.

This report is then discussed with the involved parties.


If desired, a collective leadership training can be offered to the entire group.

Specific modules of training and/or coaching can also be offered for competencies that require improvement.

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